These are some random unanswered questions I have after watching "The Package."

  1. Sayid's killing Keamy ends up saving Jin from being killed. So while it seems Sayid can't get away from being the killer, it pays off for Jin. Another example of how what is "evil" behavior for one person can be for the best for another?
  2. What was with Keamy tenderly wiping Jin's head? Unless it was to emphasize the similarities between Sun getting hit in the head when she fell on the island, and Jin getting hit on the head as he was put in the cooler (awkward), it felt really weird to me.
  3. Was Locke lying about Kate's name not on the wall? I thought it was determined that her name was on the cave wall but that it was crossed out. Still, Claire asked if her name was on the wall, not if she was a candidate. I'll let that slide but not sure if he was lying.
  4. Did Widmore ask Flocke or did Flocke as Widmore if he knows who he is? I'm confused by the write up on the wiki and can't remember. I'm wondering whether this is about Widmore having known MIB but Flocke is just checking that Widmore recognizes him in Locke's body, or what? Seems like neither one needs to have this kind of pretense of not knowing the other one at this stage in the game.
  5. Flocke said "a wise man once said that war was coming." This is in reference to Widmore telling Locke in Tunisia that a war was coming and didn't he go on to tell him that he needed to be there to make sure the right side won, or something to that effect? So did Widmore want Locke to go back and become MIB so they could square off? If Widmore didn't know Locke would become Flocke, then Widmore was out of Jacob's loop and MIB's loop of communication and must be going solo.
  • Maybe I should seperate these out but don't think they're worth individual blogs, just trying to clean out the cobwebs in my head. Any clarifications are appreciated.

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