In light of the recent criticisms of ATS and subsequent criticisms of criticizers on LP, I asked myself why would someone keep blogging and watching something if they truly thought it was so terrible. This led me to recognize that I, like many others IMO, are LOST addicts. We can't help ourselves. Check it out:

  • Common Characteristics Among Addictive Behaviors
  1. The person becomes obsessed (constantly thinks of) the object, activity, or substance. Guilty: I have trouble getting to sleep some nights because I can't stop thinking about Lost riddles
  2. They will seek it out, or engage in the behaivor even though it is causing harm (physical problems, poor work or study performance, problems with friends, family, fellow workers). Guilty: I am wanting to make notes or hypothesize even when it is time to stop go somewhere, my daily chores are neglected
  3. The person will compulsively engage in the activity, that is, do the activity over and over even if he/she does not want to and find it difficult to stop. Guilty: I swear I won't read anymore after being spoiled or frustrated. I tell myself to let go and not comment on any more blogs and then there is always that one more read that I have to comment on...
  4. Upon cessation of the activity, withdrawal symptoms often occur. These can include irritability, craving, restlessness or depression. Unknown: Haven't gotten to cessation yet
  5. The person does not appear to have control as to when, how long, or how much he or she will continue the behavior (loss of control). (They drink 6 beers when they only wanted one, buy 8 pairs of shoes when they only needed a belt, ate the whole box of cookies, etc).Guilty: I plan on just checking my email and not logging on to LP but next thing I know I've spent 2 hours reading and hypothesizing over LOST
  6. He/she often denies problems resulting from his/her engagement in the behavior, even though others can see the negative effects. Mixed: What problems?
  7. Person hides the behavior after family or close friends have mentioned their concern. (hides food under beds, alcohol bottles in closets, doesn't show spouse credit card bills, etc).Guilty: When I tell my kids to get off the computer I say I need to get on to check something important when what I really want to do is blog on LP
  8. Many individuals with addictive behaviors report a blackout for the time they were engaging in the behavior (don't remember how much or what they bought, how much the lost gambeling, how many miles they ran on a sore foot, what they did at the party when drinking)Guilty: I have blogged tired and loopy when I can't follow the train of thought any more. The next day I will read a post and think, "damn, good stuff, what does it mean? only to realize it was my post! I think to myself, "holy crap, did I write that?"
  9. Depression is common in individuals with addictive behaviors. That is why it is important to make an appointment with a physician to find out what is going on.Guilty: Feeling depressed at the end of LOST coming : (
  10. Individuals with addictive behaviors often have low self esteem, feel anxious if the do not have control over their environment, and come from psychologically or physically abusive families. No way: I am a proud LOST obsessed addict. While I have no control over what the writers are going to do, I don't feel anxious because I know I am not alone.
  • So who else is a LOST addict? Let's say it together: God (or the Source/Darlton/Jacob...)grant me the serenity to accept the things LOST will not explain, the courage to hypothesize about those that may be changed, and the humor to know the difference.
    • Finally, let's remember to take it one day at a time, one episode at a time. Tonight the slate is wiped clean, this will be the best episode ever, I will feel good and positive about the finale coming up. I do believe in Darlton and know that it will have all been worthwhile. Some addictions can be positive - - right?

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