I was searching for info on Miles and looked back at Some Like it Hoth. It appears Hoth refers to Hurley's rewriting of The Empire Strikes Back which has an icy planet called Hoth but there's more. On this episode's discussion page two contributors on 2007, Isaac32767 and Leperous, noted that Hoth is another name for the Norse god Hod. I got intrigued and learned the following that I believe influences what we have been seeing lately in Season 6. Some background: Hoth was a Norse god who had a brother Baldur.Baldur was the god of light and joy and was so loved that all creatures had taken an oath not to hurt him. Loki, a god who loved tricks and could be characterized as evil, learned of the one creature that had been overlooked when the vows were taken, mistletoe (a loophole). Loki then tricked Hoth, who was blind, into throwing the mistletoe at Baldur and it killed him. Now, I'm not saying the Lost writers are exactly portraying the story of these gods, but I believe this mythology, like many others, has influenced them. Jacob has been cast as "light" and can't be harmed without a loophole. Ben was blinded with hatred and tricked by the MIB/Flocke into killing Jacob. It could be that Jacob couldn't be harmed by the MIB because he had, at some time in the past, been forced to take a vow not to harm him. This explains why Dogan, who had likely also taken such a vow, was testing Sayid by trying to harm him.Dogan knew that if Jacob had taken hold somewhere within Sayid during his apparent death, that Dogan wouldn't be able to harm him. When the shocks hurt Sayid and his flesh could be burned, Dogan knew that Jacob was not within him and that perhaps the MIB would use him instead, hence the need to take the poison pill. So why was the episode entitled "Some Like it Hoth" when it was an episode about Miles? Miles can hear the dead. It was why Widmore recruited him ( to help locate Ben on the island he said). Bram, acting on Jacob's behalf, tried to bribe him out of going. Did Jacob not want Miles to encounter his father's body? Miles mother told him in Some Like it Hoth that Miles' father, Dr. Chang, was buried in a place he can never go. Did Jacob not want Miles to encounter his father's body because Miles would then learn something about the Incident that he doesn't want him to know?

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