I know Sean Sheep has posted a lot about the physics and science re: Lost. I am not meaning to re-hash all that so apologies if that's what this ends up as. I have been wondering about Flocke and the whole water issue. In looking up the relationship of electromagnetism with water, it has something to do with permeability. If I understand it EM is affected by water and so I'm trying to figure out if that is why Flocke must avoid it. Would he lose power? I am trying to come up with a scientific explanation for what's happening and am thinking that The Smoke derives it's energy from the EM. With the real Faraday (Michael) having been so important to discoveries in EM I think it just has to all boil down to what is causing everything on the island. Even the donkey wheel could be explained, if I understood any of what I've read about EM. When a magnetic field is rotated, or the magnet itself, an electric field is created (or something like that). Here's what I've got:

  1. island full of EM pockets
  2. DI there to drill and locate EM
  3. island has healing properties, magnets are used in alternative med
  4. monstrous storms come out of nowhere - - magnetic fields can influence tides
  5. the donkey wheel - - could be turning it rotates the polarity of the magnet (I'm stretching here)
  6. Faraday in Lost, Faraday in real world scientist studying electromagnetism
  7. water may slow down (? not sure) radio waves and EM influences. MIB can't travel over water. In FST Locke is sprayed by sprinkler(irony)
  8. magnets have polarity, there's always a north and a south. Lost is all about polarities. Jacob and MIB are the north and south.

Okay, can anyone help me put this all together. I really think the scientific answers to all the craziness on Lost are pointing towards this EM but it has to be explained in a way that those of us, like me, who aren't scientists can understand it.

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