Here are a few tidbits I picked up from Happily Ever After that I'd like to discuss if anyone has comments...

  1. Did anyone else feel that Desmond was being given the Jack role in the FST? Eloise called him the "fixit" man. She said he had what he most wanted, her husband's approval, which reminds me of Jack most wanting his father's approval and Widmore is a father figure to Des in the FST. He is the taking over leadership by asking for the manifest...echoes of we have to stand together per Jack in season 1.
  2. Eloise said Desmond's trying to find Penny was a violation. Could easily have said "against the rules." Another parallel to OT but this time what are the rules Eloise knows about?
  3. On the Theory and Article pages the FST is thought by some to be a place where everyone gets what they wanted, but not exactly,like Sayid getting Nadia alive, Locke getting Helen, etc. The examples now include Desmond getting Widmore's respect. I disagree. Desmond hated Widmore in the OT. What he most wanted was to marry Penny. He only wanted to win Widmore's race as a way to get Penny. I don't see Desmond in the FST as having gotten what he most wanted in the OT.

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