We keep being told that whatever happened happened (WHH), so in the case of the outrigger chase, we saw past Juliet and the other 5 (Sawyer/Miles/Locke/Charlotte/Daniel) being chased and Juliet shooting before they flashed. Then what happens?

  1. past outrigger flashes several times before Locke gets to the Orchid and turns the wheel, BUT NOW
  2. present Losties are still on the island when past Locke turns the wheel!

If nothing happens to change this. What WILL happen? We know when Locke turned the wheel the island stopped skipping and Sawyer/Juliet/Miles/Daniel ended up in 1977. Charlotte died during the skips. To the present day Losties on the island, we NOW HAVE:

  • Sawyer/Miles in 2007 AND on the skipped past island of 1977! Can this be? Would this be the type of phenomenon which would have caused the FS? Any explanations?

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