All this talk of quantum physics is ironic when you think about how willing we the audience are to suspend disbelief. Some of us are trying so hard to figure out how and when the timelines split, whether there are multiverses, etc. etc. that I have to give kudos to the writers. They have managed to make us forget how this all started. A plane crashed on an island. At first everyone behaved just like most of us would. Triage, shelter, basic needs met, and most of all think about getting rescued. Then crazy things started happening. Still, the crash survivors reacted the way most of us would, still hoping for rescue and taking care of basic needs in the meantime. So far so good. Eventually it looked like rescue might occur. They made contact with possible rescuers and while crazy "others" were trying to interfere, our Losties still seemed like rational, thinking people. Then it got weird. I don't mean time travel/Jacob weird, I mean our Losties started making decisions that I don't think most of us would under the circumstances. First, Locke didn't want to leave and a kind, gentle man was willing to threaten and kill others to stay. Next, the Oceanic 6 made it off the island but became convinced they had to come up with a cover-up story to "protect" those left behind. Here's the funny part to me: The writers had to do a of convincing to make us believe that these people would begin thinking irrationally (at least to me). I know you will say that after all they had been through it was believable that they thought they were doing the right thing but, come on, REALLY?!! You get back to the "real" world after being on a crazy island and you don't tell ANYONE?! How many of us could do that? Then, it gets better, one by one, despite their better instincts, they decide THEY HAVE TO GO BACK!!! HOLY CONSPIRACY! End result is, we, the viewers, are willing to accept that this is what anyone in their right mind would do and begin debating schrodinger's cat theories. I am in no way dissing anyone here, because I am as caught up in it as anyone, but does anyone else find it ironic how far we will go to make this Lost a reality?--Destinedjourney 13:19, March 14, 2010 (UTC)

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