• When the Losties detonated Jughead it mitigated the effect of the EM release caused by DI drilling (theory that you need to go with so bear with me here)
  • The Swan was then built with the necessity of pushing a button every 108 minutes to release the build up of EM- because Juliet detonated Jughead, had she not, the EM released by the drilling would have destroyed the DI efforts at that point, which Chang was warning. There would have been catastrophic consequences. Instead, DI contained what EM was leaking with the Swan station and the need to push the button.
  • Desmond's failure to do so in 2004 caused the O815 to crash

So, the Losties actually caused their own crash. If they had NOT gone back on the Ajira flight to 1977, and Daniel had NOT told them to detonate Jughead, the drilling would have released the EM with completely different consequences. Perhaps the island would have been destroyed/sunk?

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