• The Anthony Cooper James is looking for to kill in the FST was a con man. The father of Locke in the FS has apparently had a long, close relationship with Locke. Are there different Anthony Coopers in the FS or has Cooper in the FS led a double life? Will Locke find out about his dad's deception and will it change his feelings of guilt? Or are the daddy issues in the FS completely changed?
  • Also about Anthony Cooper, why would he have made such an impression on Bernard Nadler that he would remember his name three years later?
  • Claire said she had never met Christian. So Christian either didn't go to Australia because of Claire, as in the OT (and if not, then why was he there?), or he was going to find Claire and tell her he was her father for the first time, but didn't do it before he died.
    • I don't have a theory about this, but wonder about the differences. Anyone else?

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