When Ben talks to Jacob before killing him, the final straw that sets Ben off is when he asks Jacob "What about me?" and Jacob answers, "What about you?" I'm wondering if Ben and Locke mirror Jacob and MIB in that Jacob was his mother's second choice to be the protector. Richard went to Locke to "test" him as potential leader. Locke wasn't ready or failed the tests so Ben ended up as leader. Ben was second choice just like Jacob had been to Mother. What I can't remember is whether Jacob had really wanted Locke as a leader or was that MIB appearing as Locke who pretended to Richard that Jacob was going to want Locke as a future leader. Also, Richard in his test of Locke as a child is disappointed when he picks the knife as something that belonged to him. The wiki says there was a Book of Laws that he didn't pick. I can't remember the details myself of this. What was the book of laws and why should Locke have remembered it?

  • I started looking into all this because I'm wondering why Jacob told Ilana after she took the losties to the temple to ask Ricardus what to do. What does Jacob think Richard knows? Does Richard have to figure it out too?
    • Just thought I'd go into this since we don't have a lot of good theories to blog about now.....

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