Don't know where to put this, not quite a theory - -

  • James picking the code "LaFleur" to use in the FST is similar to Claire just "knowing" to name her baby Aaron. I thought there was discussion I could add this to but can't find it now. Maybe it was just on blogs like Sean Sheep's on Jack's memories. This is another example of bleed though from one-timeline to the next which leads to the next theory:
    • The timelines could be in the process of converging already
      • As the series progresses (it's all just progress, with only one end remember) the characters are becoming more similar to their counterparts
  1. OT/Ben appeared to be bad in the OT, he has evolved, was redeemed, and is now appearing to be good;FST/Ben appeared to be good, attempted manipulation but reverted back to good
  2. OT/Sayid was a torturer but on island tried to overcome this and dreamed of reuniting with Nadia, after Oceanic 6 rescue he did, only to lose her, return to island, and revert back to killer (bad); FST/Sayid has killing in background, tries to be good and gets to be with Nadia, but runs into Keamy and ends up as a killer again.
  3. OT/Sawyer is a victim turned con-artist (bad) and on island finds peace with Juliet and DI, lives productively, but after hook-up with MIB is back to conning but his story isn't done yet;FST/Sawyer choose being a cop but acknowledges he had a side to him that could easily have gone the other direction,and he is still looking to go outside the law and kill Anthony Cooper
  • My point is that the timelines are working towards the same ending for each of the characters, similar to WHH but more about whoever you are you are
  • I'm not saying that at this time all our players have evolved into who they are meant to be yet, Jack still has to work out his daddy issues for example. What I am saying is that however it ends in one timeline it has to end that way in the other and until it does the timelines won't converge, but they are beginning to. If I'm right, then we can predict that since James killed Anthony Cooper in the OT on island he will find and kill Anthony Cooper in the FST too. If not, if any of them don't merge their choices and become who they were meant to be, then the timelines stay fractured. The really tricky part is that where do you stop? If we had stopped watching Ben before the Dr. Linus episode we wouldn't have seen the two Ben's converging. As long as they live they have the potential to change back and forth between good and bad.

I was trying to make a theory out of this but need help, anybody with me?

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