Once upon a time there were two writers who were writing a tv show. They wanted to make it about what would happen if people could change their destiny. One of the writers was called "C" and the other was called "D". One day they were discussing the show like this:

  • D: Let's think of something really catastrophic that people would definitely want to go back and change if they could.
  • C: You mean like a plane crash, maybe on an island where no one could find them?
  • D: Yeah, like that. But why wouldn't anyone be able to find them?
  • C: Well, (scratches head) it could be a magical/mystical island that moves and disappears and can't be found....
  • D: Whoa, hold on, how can we there be an island like that, I mean, it would have to have some explanation like a special power or something.
  • C: Okay, right. A special power. Uhmmm, how about something that is buried there, like pirates treasure. Oo Oo, maybe we could get Johnny Depp and Disney to buy into it and have Jack Sparrow come to their rescue and..
  • D: Wait a gosh darn minute, you're losing it. We need something more scientific. How about electromagnetism? That would mess with compass directions, planes could get off course, you know, like that?
  • C: Okay, I'm with ya now. So, they have to get off this island but how? I mean, it's going to be pretty dull watching them make S.O.S. signs in the sand, you know. just sayin...
  • D: Well, then, think of something! Do I have to do all the work around here? Jeez!!!
  • C: That EM stuff you were talkin about. Maybe there's some others who are looking to dig it up. Experimental stuff like, you know, all sci-fi-ish
  • D: That's good, I like it. Let's go with that. These others can cause all sorts of grief for our crash survivors while they're there too.
  • C: That's what I was thinking. They'll kidnap them and threaten them and there will be all sorts of killing and the good guys have to win but some might die and....
  • D: Hold on a minute. That's lame. Let's get back to the big stuff. Like how are they going to change it so that they didn't crash on the island?
  • C: Glad you asked. I have a killer idea - they're going to time travel.
  • D: Time travel....I LIKE it! So is that the end?
  • C: Kind of stinks if that's all there is.
  • D: So, let's see if we can show how messed up they made everything by not crashing. How you can't mess with mother nature, you know?
  • C: We could do that, but so what? I mean, who cares? It only matters if THEY know how they can't change their destiny without causing all sorts of other ripple effects.
  • D: So, we have to make it so that they can see their lives how they'd be both if they crashed AND if they didn't?
  • C: Right.
  • D: Right.
  • C: Any ideas?
  • D: I'm thinking.
  • C: Man, I wish there was like, like, you know, some kind of being, like, all knowing or something who could somehow guide them.....
  • D: Yeah, right. Like god the creator, buddha, jesus, ganesh, he who shall not be named....
  • C: I thought we could just call him Jacob.
  • D: Cool, we could throw in biblical allegories, egyptian mythology, numerology, scientology....think of any more Ologies?
  • C: Sure, we can use 'em all.
  • D: Okay, so they'll have this Jacob person guide them on the path of discovery, they'll have some bad dude get in the way too, and then what, we just choose which way is should end? I mean, viewers aren't going to like it if we get rid of the characters one way or the other, crashed or not crashed.
  • C: That is a problem. We're going to have to make it so that you can just tell things aren't right. Like they have to get it put back together.
  • D: So how are we going to do that? I'm out of ideas.
  • C: Me too. Hey, why don't we go get some coffee?
  • D: Okay, I'll meet you there. Just gotta go buy a lotto ticket. I just have a feeling about some numbers that keep running through my head.

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