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February 3, 2010
  • Destinedjourney

    Would Jack have found his purpose and been able to let go if Jacob had not brought him to the island?

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  • Destinedjourney

    How to say this without sounding melodramatic? I did not not like The End. I can't say that I liked it either, though. How can I like it that people who I loved, cared about about, worried about, had hopes for, are all dead? I recognize that I'm supposed to be comforted by the fact that they will be together in an afterlife and that they had "let go" and were happy about where they had journeyed to. Maybe it's because they did have the FS to prepare themselves and I just had a few hours. I expected that most, if not all, of them would die in one timeline or the other, most likely the OT. I guess I just thought that when they became enlightened in the FS that they would then have time to live with these memories. Instead, what we saw was…

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  • Destinedjourney

    I am dense. I don't see anyone asking about why Desmond called Jack to say his father's coffin had been found? Does everyone else understand what he did this for and it's just me? Des is going to have everyone at the Concert. What was the reason for the phone call?

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  • Destinedjourney

    Jacob is the protector of the light. Is it acceptable for a protector of something critical to the continuation of life to be flawed? Are Darlton presenting a parallel to Jesus - the "human" side of an all knowing God? Christians believe that Jesus was sent by God to "show the way" to mankind, how to live a human existence with flaws and all.

    • On the other hand, the light is already in man, per Mother.
    • So should someone commit their faith in a flawed protector or look inward? I'm not trying to make this a religious debate. The blogs are saturated presently with dialogues about what is Faith vs. Science, Order vs. Chaos. The themes which Darlton are exploring. Remember how much debate we had over who was really the good one, Jacob or MIB? …
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  • Destinedjourney

    I am citing my personal highlights from last night. Believe me, this is my condensed version. There was too much in one episode, that is my main complaint. I thought it was way better the ATS.

    1. Jack's red mark is bleeding
    2. David and Jack and MOM are going to concert
    4. Ben remembers Des beating him in OT
    6. Answer to who rigged the plane and how Flocke knew C4 was on it
    7. Widmore says Jacob visited him (after "your people" destroyed my freighter - - wtf - it was Keamy responsible for the bomb going off!)
    8. Miles and Pierre and Charlotte will all be at CONCERT (and so will a whole heck of a lot of our friends!)
    9. Des gets arrested and put in holding cell, releases Kate an…
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