I am in the camp that was unhappy with the FST for the first 8 or so episodes of S6. Did not "hate it" but I felt unsatisfied watching it.

Last night I got a psychological insight into why - I was watching Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. In it, the episode starred the same actress who played young Rousseau on Lost in S5 (she's about 20 years old, she met Jin when he was time traveling). In the L&O episode, she plays a young woman who is psycho. Eerily familiar...

That's when I figured out why the FST was not well received by so many of us: The FST looks like the same actors in another show rather than our show.

More about this: We are asked as viewers to suspend disbelief to become viewers of the show. We know these are actors and not real people, but we watch. And for five years, we begin to see them as real. Now, we watch other shows and see them there (Alan Dale who plays Charles WIdmore was also in L&O:SVU a year ago). But, it doesn't immediately alarm us. We're able to understand these are actors.

But when you have people become actors in their own show where you are reminded that it isn't real, that is VERY hard to watch. You are reminded that none of what we've watched is real. The FST unconsciously isn't another part of the story; it becomes a signal to unnerve you to remind you that the Island isn't something escapist and glorious that we're all invested in, it's just one way we told actors to act versus this other way we asked actors to act. It's like saying "Do you the viewer want to watch a young crazy Rousseau in Lost or a young crazy Rousseau on Law & Order?"

Now, the FST and OT are coming together in the Desmond and Hugo memory sequences. This actually has restored my interest in the FST. But last night, I figured out why the FST was less enjoyable.

Do others feel the same way? --DesmondsBrutha 15:22, April 18, 2010 (UTC)

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