The confession of Flocke that he has appeared as Christian Shephard has left many of us confused. How, then, does he appear off Island, and so forth...

I think the body of Christian Shephard is a rental car, that can be driven by different people. There are at least four possible "renters" of his deceased body:

a. MiB - yes, I think he has appeared as Christian, including in the cabin with Claire telling (real) Locke to move the Island, but MiB is NOT THE ONLY one who can rent Christian's body

b. Jacob - I think Jacob has used Christian's body to appear to those he needed to subtly influence but not reveal himself to. When Jack sees his deceased father off-Island (e.g,, in the waiting area of the doctor's office), that is Jacob

c. Other deceased individuals - perhaps all of the dead souls who inhabit the Island like Michael now and then need to appear in some kind of human form. Perhaps other deceased candidates use Christian's body to influence Jack and Locke by appearing as Christian

d. "The Island" - there is a yet-to-be named or seen invisible force called "The Island" which now and then needs to rent the body of Christian in order to communicate with key individuals. I think this Island force inhabited Christian's body during the conversations with Lapidus and Sun after the Ajira crash

So, Flocke is telling the truth but not the WHOLE truth. Other forces/sentient beings have used the body to advance a message or influence a candidate.

Do you agree? --DesmondsBrutha 06:23, April 28, 2010 (UTC)

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