We've just taken it as a given that Locke came to the Island and was healed (meaning he was in a wheelchair when he boarded Flight 815 and could walk when he arrived on the Island).

So, now that we're in the rewatch, the question emerges: Now that we know that Jacob exists, the Nemesis exists, Smokey exists, and there may still be some other generic "island electromagnetic energy", who or what allowed Locke to walk again? Was it Nemesis planning something all along? Was it Jacob finishing the fix he had started after the fall?

I now wonder if Locke is the "one piece of the chess game" that both Jacob and Fake-ob fight over. Jacob "healed" Locke after his fall from the building, but for some reason he didn't fix him completely enough to walk. Locke comes to the Island and Nemesis/Fake-ob gives him back his walking ability in order to (someday) provoke Ben Linus through jealousy into killing Jacob?

Everybody...Who healed Locke so he could walk again?

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