In watching The Candidate for the second time, I was struck that we again are being told about a father/son story. Why bring in Anthony Cooper in his neurologically devastated state? What point did it serve? At that moment, it occurred to me that we see that each and every of the original 815 key characters and our most recent candidates and other key figures have problems with their fathers - Jack/Claire and Christian, Kate kills her father figure, Locke's dad throws him out of a window in the OT, Sun's dad is a Korean crime kingpin, Jin's dad brings him embarrassment, Sawyer's dad is killed, Hurley's dad runs away for a decade, Ben kills his dad in the OT, Miles never knows his dad until going back to Dharma in the 70s, Widmore lost his own son (Faraday), Sayid's dad makes him and his brother kill chickens, etc.

So, why should JACOB and MiB be any different?

I don't know in which direction this runs, but Jacob might be MiB's father and keeping him trapped on the Island in the way that a protective father wants to make sure that his psycho son doesn't ruin the world. Or maybe MiB is Jacob's father and Jacob is the son who needs to protect the world from his psycho dad. In the latter scenario, Jacob emotionally relates to all his candidates because he is a child with daddy issues. We all have daddy issues!

For some characters in the OT, "redemption" comes in acting like a dad (Charlie). In the FST, others find a different happiness from their roles as fathers (Jack).

So, it's always been a show about fathers and sons.

Another minor point of evidence on this theory - what story does Hurley obsess about? Star Wars - the story of a wayward father (Vader) and the son who eventually redeems him (Luke Skywalker).

Minor points that I already wonder about in connection to this theory: -Who is Desmond's father? Is it relevant? -Maybe Jacob and MiB are not father/son, but maybe are brothers from a common father not yet identified -Why are no children born on the Island after 1977?

I'd love to hear what you think !!! --DesmondsBrutha 20:01, May 9, 2010 (UTC)

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