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April 24, 2009
  • DesmondsBrutha

    Very funny pictures, including the Lost Valentines ! e.g., Desmond saying "Hey Sweetheart - You really know how to push the right button".


    --DesmondsBrutha 10:00, May 23, 2010 (UTC)

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  • DesmondsBrutha

    In watching The Candidate for the second time, I was struck that we again are being told about a father/son story. Why bring in Anthony Cooper in his neurologically devastated state? What point did it serve? At that moment, it occurred to me that we see that each and every of the original 815 key characters and our most recent candidates and other key figures have problems with their fathers - Jack/Claire and Christian, Kate kills her father figure, Locke's dad throws him out of a window in the OT, Sun's dad is a Korean crime kingpin, Jin's dad brings him embarrassment, Sawyer's dad is killed, Hurley's dad runs away for a decade, Ben kills his dad in the OT, Miles never knows his dad until going back to Dharma in the 70s, Widmore lost h…

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  • DesmondsBrutha

    MiB is not interested in the plane. THAT is not what will get him off the Island.

    Theory: MiB doesn't need a plane - he needs the regular humans on the Island (candidates, Widmorites, leftover Others) to destroy each other as he told Jacob they always do. He NEEDS Sawyer to be lying and backstabbing; Sawyer isn't one step ahead of MiB, he's doing exactly what MiB wants to happen. MiB needs Jacob to be PROVEN WRONG. Once Jacob is proven wrong, then MiB can leave the Island forever.

    Remember the opening conversation of The Incident...we all heard MiB and Jacob talk about bringing people to the Island. Jacob says "it only ends once". This is that once. The final six candidates that Jacob needs to be proven right.

    MiB is now saying it's abo…

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  • DesmondsBrutha

    I was in a school administration building earlier today, when I saw a quote from US education reformer Horace Mann from the early 1800s hanging in a poster on a wall. As an obsessed Lost fan, I thought he was talking about MiB. You can tell me I'm nuts - I can take it!

    "Much that we call evil is really good in disguise; we should not quarrel rashly with adversities not yet understood, nor overlook the mercies often bound up in them."

    Doesn't it sound like he's talking about MiB vs Jacob? Yikes !!! --DesmondsBrutha 00:02, April 29, 2010 (UTC)

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  • DesmondsBrutha

    The confession of Flocke that he has appeared as Christian Shephard has left many of us confused. How, then, does he appear off Island, and so forth...

    I think the body of Christian Shephard is a rental car, that can be driven by different people. There are at least four possible "renters" of his deceased body:

    a. MiB - yes, I think he has appeared as Christian, including in the cabin with Claire telling (real) Locke to move the Island, but MiB is NOT THE ONLY one who can rent Christian's body

    b. Jacob - I think Jacob has used Christian's body to appear to those he needed to subtly influence but not reveal himself to. When Jack sees his deceased father off-Island (e.g,, in the waiting area of the doctor's office), that is Jacob

    c. Other dec…

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