This idea that popped into my head last night may end up being either completely wrong/useless or right/extremly important....or somewhere in the middle. It seems to me that everyone assumes the relationship between black shirt and Jacob is equal. While watching the opening clip last night and their conversation there were two things I noticed. 1) Black shirt seems to be much older than Jacob. 2) their main points

Anyway I was wondering if Jacob and Black shirts relationship is more along the lines of Ben and Widmore. Ben wanted to stay old school while Widmore seemingly wanted to make some exception or changes. So Ben takes over for Widmore and has him banished. What if Black shirt wanted to stay old school "Still trying to prove me wrong?" They come they destroy" (maybe the original ultimate leader or god or whatever the hell they are), but Jacob wanted to try new things(everything up to that point is progress.) was able to contain him (black dust) or Jacob some how replaced him as ultimate leader etc. That would be a huge dynamic change in my mind, because it would change everyones perception of who is good and evil.

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