I think from what I have read this morning I am in the minority, but I was not a big fan of the Lost finale last night. Before you chew me out a new one however just understand my reasons.

1) Felt completely ripped off by the whole Jacob thing. We've been forced to wonder about his cabin. Christian, Claire etc. just to have the writers say oh hes not even there. Hes just some dude in a white shirt whose only addition to the show is showing up in the pasts of all the main characters. Thanks a bunch glad i wondered about Jacob so much just to have his first appearance be his last and a bit of a let down.

2) Seriously what is with the Cabin. I know I mentioned it before, but are we to assume the smoke monster now has the ability to create a cabin?

3) Claire's dead. I know this is an assumption, but if shes chillen with smokey more than likely she is smokey.

4.) Locke is dead. Allllll of the hoopla about how he was special and how he was the islands pick turned out to be again a complete waste of time. I know it fits with his whole being suckered in trend, but I think all Lost viewers were until the Temple episode.

5.) Obviously the bomb exploding did not change squat. It probably destroyed the statue and it propably is the "incident", but how theyre gonna explain a hydrogen bomb not destroying the entire island is beyond me. And im calling it now, season 6 begins with Jack's eye opening and there he is lieing in the Jungle with his great "wtf" face.

6.) The whole "canidate" thing seems obvious to me. The candidates are people who may become the new Jacob. Im banking of Jack, because I think Sawyer and Kate will end up together off the island.

7.) Sayid probabl being a goner, because he is the man.

8.) Killing Juliet. I really liked her and Sawyer I would rather Sayid die.

9.) Where the hell is Desmond!

10.) Rose and Bernard being shown to obviously be Adam and Eve.

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