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March 26, 2009
  • Desmondisdahman

    Ok this is my big theory for the end of the final season..and I guess thats means im going to be very wrong. In the end however I do think the numbers are the key to everything. According to what we have learned the numbers are a sequence which predicts the end of the world. We know now that the numbers have been assigned to each one off the remaining candidates.

    If we take all of what we know so far about the numbers my theory is that the people who represent those key numbers will cause or help cause the end of the world. Which to me means smokey will win in the end.(Locke allowing himself to be used by smokey will be his contribution. Now this does not mean I think its gonna be a sad ending. If you look at the FST it seems the numbers ar…

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  • Desmondisdahman

    Jacob and his Nemisis

    September 7, 2009 by Desmondisdahman

    This idea that popped into my head last night may end up being either completely wrong/useless or right/extremly important....or somewhere in the middle. It seems to me that everyone assumes the relationship between black shirt and Jacob is equal. While watching the opening clip last night and their conversation there were two things I noticed. 1) Black shirt seems to be much older than Jacob. 2) their main points

    Anyway I was wondering if Jacob and Black shirts relationship is more along the lines of Ben and Widmore. Ben wanted to stay old school while Widmore seemingly wanted to make some exception or changes. So Ben takes over for Widmore and has him banished. What if Black shirt wanted to stay old school "Still trying to prove me wrong?…

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  • Desmondisdahman


    May 14, 2009 by Desmondisdahman

    I think from what I have read this morning I am in the minority, but I was not a big fan of the Lost finale last night. Before you chew me out a new one however just understand my reasons.

    1) Felt completely ripped off by the whole Jacob thing. We've been forced to wonder about his cabin. Christian, Claire etc. just to have the writers say oh hes not even there. Hes just some dude in a white shirt whose only addition to the show is showing up in the pasts of all the main characters. Thanks a bunch glad i wondered about Jacob so much just to have his first appearance be his last and a bit of a let down.

    2) Seriously what is with the Cabin. I know I mentioned it before, but are we to assume the smoke monster now has the ability to create a cab…

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  • Desmondisdahman

    One thing people have not noticed if we assume the sequence of events we saw in Dead is Dead were in order and we see the purge happening one or two years after alex is taken since she was born around 88/89 and the purge occured in 91/92. Does this not show that Ben was not the one in charge when the purge was ordered? If Ben wasn't willing to kill even Rousseau why would he suddenly be willing to kill the entire Dharma initiative? When it comes to splitting time, it does not seem the dharma i. was around for very much longer after alex was taken. which again means rousseau is around when dharma is there...why did her and her crew never see anyone from the dharma I.?

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  • Desmondisdahman

    The Monster

    April 1, 2009 by Desmondisdahman

    I seems like a mystery that people do not feel like discussing much anymore these days. I attribute that to the fact that most people believe the Monster is the guardian of the Temple. Now the problem with that is it still leaves so many open questions and from I read in interviews the actors discussed how we would learn the truth about the monster this season. Now since I can;t wait that long I would love to hear what people's theories are on the Monster.

    Who created it? What is it purpose? How/Can it be controled? Does it take the shapes of the dead? How does it read people minds? Why does it guard the Temple? Has its original purpose been changed to help Ben?

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