A-List Lost

Right first off, i am not criticising the lost cast in any way whatsoever. i love the show, and i think they got the cast spot on.

my little fun game tho asks, who would ABC have cast if they had unlimited resources?

here is my pick

Jack - Christian Bale, Kate - Rachel McAdams, Locke - Bruce Willis, Sawyer - Matthew McConoughey, Hurley - Jack Black, Jin - Jet Li, Sun - Lucy Lui, Claire - Kirsten Dunst, Ben - Kevin Spacey, Desmond - Gerard Butler, Charlie - shia leboef, Michael - Will Smith, Juliet - Amy Adams, Shannon - Scarlett Johanson, Boone - Josh Hartnett, Eko - Djimoun Hounsou, Ana Lucia - Salma Hayek, Bernard - Robert de Niro, Tom - Tom Sizemore, Danielle - Sigourney Weaver, Christian - Jack Nicholson, Widmore - Al Pacino, Ethan - Keanu Reeves,

The major problematic 1 was sayid as there are no a-list arab actors of a similar age

So that is my list. any thoughts or alternative casting?

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