• Desmond ate my hamster

    first off, apologies if this has already been covered, i`m pretty new to these boards.

    Right, in the end of season 5 it was faraday's idea to use the nuke to stop the incident and therefore "reset" the island. my question is after being stuck in the 70`s why did he wait 3 years before having this brainwave and decide to do something about it? I know its been written so that it coincided with the return of jack et all and to set up a season finale. but using his logic, if he had detonated the bomb at any time it would have wiped out the island inhabitants and therefore the swan wouldnt have been built, therefore no incident, no requirement to press the button, desmond wouldnt have missed it and oceanic 815 wouldnt have crashed.

    Also i dont un…

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  • Desmond ate my hamster

    ok who is the most attractive female actress to appear on lost

    i am goin to be controversial and not pick any of the principal cast. instead i am going to go for monica dean. she played gabriella, the daughter of the man jack was performing surgery on in season 2`s 'the hunting party'.

    just my opinion tho, what does everybody else think?

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  • Desmond ate my hamster

    A-List Lost

    October 14, 2009 by Desmond ate my hamster

    Right first off, i am not criticising the lost cast in any way whatsoever. i love the show, and i think they got the cast spot on.

    my little fun game tho asks, who would ABC have cast if they had unlimited resources?

    here is my pick

    Jack - Christian Bale, Kate - Rachel McAdams, Locke - Bruce Willis, Sawyer - Matthew McConoughey, Hurley - Jack Black, Jin - Jet Li, Sun - Lucy Lui, Claire - Kirsten Dunst, Ben - Kevin Spacey, Desmond - Gerard Butler, Charlie - shia leboef, Michael - Will Smith, Juliet - Amy Adams, Shannon - Scarlett Johanson, Boone - Josh Hartnett, Eko - Djimoun Hounsou, Ana Lucia - Salma Hayek, Bernard - Robert de Niro, Tom - Tom Sizemore, Danielle - Sigourney Weaver, Christian - Jack Nicholson, Widmore - Al Pacino, Ethan - Kean…

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