Following Locke’s action in the frozen wheel chamber, a final time flash occurred, sending Faraday and his companions into the late 1970s. During this time, they infiltrate the DHARMA Initiative, managing to conceal their true identities as time travelers from even those in charge, including Pierre Chang. While the others simply need to blend in, Faraday makes it his goal to discover the mechanism by which John Locke stopped the time flashes so that he can return the survivors to their proper time.

Before attempting to return, however, Daniel seeks out the young Charlotte in the hopes of convincing her to leave the Island and never come back. While this only serves to frighten her, he is able to convince her mother, Annie, to leave her husband Ben behind and spare her daughter from the coming Purge. Aware that the past cannot be altered, Faraday understands the futility of his actions, but comes to understand why it was necessary for him to fulfill Charlotte’s final words to him.

On the morning in which Pierre Chang had planned to film the orientation video for the Arrow, Faraday sets his plan in motion at the Orchid construction site, bumping into Pierre as he prohibits the foreman from further drilling. Once Chang leaves, however, Faraday plants charges on the cavern wall, opening the frozen wheel chamber and releasing the energy which Pierre had warned of. This leads to another flash of light, albeit one that leaves Daniel unaffected, to his great surprise.

Immediately following this flash, Jack and the other four members of the Oceanic Six appear on the Island. Initially, Chang is furious at Faraday for defying his order, but when Jin appears with Jack and the rest (having first located Sun and Sayid) Pierre is placated by the apparent vindication of his work. After learning of the Purge himself, he recruits Faraday and Jack to aid him in making the DHARMA Booth Video, which Daniel concludes is “useless” after shooting commences. Chang then takes some solace though in learning that his son Miles will survive, allowing him to accept Faraday’s conclusion.

Needing a means by which to send the Oceanic survivors and the freighter crew back to the present, but unwilling to risk dislodging the Island from time again with the wheel, Chang and Faraday agree to simulate a time flash using the Swan. Doing so leads to the expected complication of creating instability within the electromagnetic build-up. Thus the survivors find themselves on the Island in 2008, now understanding the circumstances which led to the Incident.

In 2008, they encounter numerous survivors from the crash of Ajira Airways flight 316, including Ben Linus, Frank Lapidus, Ilanna, Caesar, and a resuscitated John Locke.

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