Having only just begun to watch the show on a weekly basis (as opposed to straight through on DVD once the season is over), I have found the long breaks exhilarating for processing the latest episode and modifying theories about the show. While I have certainly come up with a number of theories in response to individual mysteries, I now also have time to consider the broader strokes of the story being told, and as such, a better sense of direction for where I believe the show is headed.

Specifically, I believe that one of the driving themes has been and will continue to be the dichotomy between faith and science, as exemplified by last night’s episode, 316, in which Jack seeks redemption for his previous doubt by taking a leap of faith.

As I considered this, it reminded me of a video from the first alternate reality game in which Alvar Hanso explained the purpose of the DHARMA Initiative as relying on science to alter the core values of the Valenzetti Equation, thereby postponing Mankind’s inevitable self-destruction.

I postulate that this goal will be juxtaposed against a similar objective for the reunited survivors on the Island. Their task will also be to change the Numbers, not by science or “silly experiments,” but through specific acts of faith. In doing this, they will eventually succeed in circumventing the threat of Armageddon that Valenzetti predicted.

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