From my time spent on Lostpedia, first as a reader and recently as a contributor, it appears that most Lost fans agree that the dichotomy between science and faith is central to the overarching mythology and message of the show. However, it also seems that considerable disagreement exist as to the precise meaning of those words in the context of Lost.

Whereas some presents science as reason and progress, against the darkness and superstition of faith, more often the show portrays the latter in more favorable light. This has led me to understand "science" as adherence to materialism, and faith as belief in higher powers, such as God and Destiny, allowing for metaphysical explanations in addition to scientific ones.

Thus, Jack becoming a man of faith by placing his father's shoes on Locke's body was one of the great turning points for his character and the series. It is these kinds of demonstrations of faith among the survivors which will ultimately prove necessary to alter the Valenzetti Equation's core values and save mankind, not the "silly experiments" of the DHARMA Initiative and similar endeavors.

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