With only seven more episodes remaining, including the finale, here are the top seven characters I’d like to see given centric episodes...

7) Various

On this list I’ve omitted several principle cast members from this season: Hurley, Jin and Sun, Claire, and Miles. I don’t think they ought to be ignored entirely, but with a limited number of episodes left not every character deserves a centric episode of the own. My idea would be for each of these characters, in addition to Kate, Locke, Jack, Sayid, and Sawyer, to be given a single significant Flash-sideways, as part of an episode which resolves the Flash-sideways timeline (whether through merging, crossover, annihilation, or some other method).

6) Christian Shephard

The on-Island actions of Christian remain an enigma. The possibility remains that he is another manifestation of the Smoke Monster, but I suspect such is not the case. If indeed he is an independent entity, explaining where his allegiance lies is of critical importance.

5) Widmore

Here is a major antagonist who has never had a centric episode. A Widmore-centric episode could clarify what motivates the former Other and precisely where he now stands in relation to Jacob and the Man in Black.

4) Jacob

We’ve only seen on-Island Flashbacks of Jacob in a very narrow timeframe compared to the apparent length of his existence. Further exploration into his past could reveal the nature of his powers and his relationship to the Island.

3) Illana

Illana is the new Richard: a character that knows far more than the audience by virtue of a mysterious past. Other than her time in a Russian hospital and her arrest of Sayid, little is known about her life before the crash of Ajira 316.

2) Desmond

Desmond has been given little screen time so far this season, despite being a principle cast member, so hopefully he is given ample time once he is reintroduced. Desmond-centric episodes are some of the best of the series, and by that virtue alone one more is needed before the finale.

1) The Man in Black

He is the most major player at this point not to have received a centric episode. Focusing on him would answer a host of questions that remain, as well as confirm information which he himself has related as an unreliable source. This would be the episode to confirm my theory that the Man in Black and the Black Smoke were once separate entities[1].

In order of most deserving, which characters would you like to see be centric to the last episodes of the series?

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