I'm currently working on a comprehensive theory which accounts for the various revelations of season five, most notably those concerning Jacob from "The Incident." But before I undertake the task of typing up my predictions I thought I'd take the time to reflect back on all the best moments in the show's history so far.

7) Faraday infiltrates the construction of the Orchid ("("Because You Left")")

6) Ben moves the Island ("("There's No Place Like Home, Part 2")")

5) Desmond’s first encounter with Ms. Hawking ("("Flashes Before Your Eyes")")

4) Jacob and Esau watch the arrival of the Black Rock ("("The Incident, Part 1")")

3) Desmond’s call to Penny from the freighter ("("The Constant")")

2) “That was Jacob.” ("("The Man Behind the Curtain")")

and the winner is...

1) “We have to go back, Kate… We have to go back!” ("("Through the Looking Glass, Part 1")")

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