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November 8, 2008
  • DesmondFaraday

    The general consensus regarding the flash-sideways timeline following the final revelations of “The End” seems to be that the survivors subconsciously created a shared construct for their souls in which they were required to remember their past lives and let go of them before being able to move on to an incorporeal place of peace and happiness. The common analogy being drawn is that of Purgatory as a interlude between life on earth and eternity in Heaven.

    However, my interpretation of the flash-sideways timeline is closer in resemblance to the Christian belief in the bodily Resurrection of the dead than to the above-mentioned Catholic eschatology.

    My evidence for such a conclusion is as follows: firstly, Christian Shephard emphasizes the re…

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  • DesmondFaraday

    We know that the Man in Black must have a significant and meaningful name. Why else would it be deliberately concealed as it has been? Avoiding the more common suggestions (such as Aaron or Jacob), here are my speculations as to what his name might be…

    Randall – A reference to Randall Flagg, the arch-villain throughout Steven King’s works, most notably The Stand, which has been one of the major literary inspirations behind Lost.

    Walt (short for Walter o’Dim) – Walter o’Dim is the name of Randall Flagg in The Dark Tower series, where he is also referred to as The Man in Black. This would also be an interesting way of giving closure to the mysteries behind Walt (Michael's son) without giving worry to the actor’s age. This theory would take …

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  • DesmondFaraday

    DHARMA Initiative Alarm Clock[1]

    I found this on ThinkGeek yesterday, but it being April 1st I assumed it was simply a practical joke, which they've been known to pull for April Fools Day (such as the 8-bit tie). However, seeing that the product is still availible today, I thought I'd share its existence with my fellow Lost fans.

    By the way, did anyone here pull any noteworthy pranks? I was cat-sitting for my friend and had him convinced that the cat was coughing blood and needed to be taken to the vet for emergency surgery.

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  • DesmondFaraday

    With only seven more episodes remaining, including the finale, here are the top seven characters I’d like to see given centric episodes...

    7) Various

    On this list I’ve omitted several principle cast members from this season: Hurley, Jin and Sun, Claire, and Miles. I don’t think they ought to be ignored entirely, but with a limited number of episodes left not every character deserves a centric episode of the own. My idea would be for each of these characters, in addition to Kate, Locke, Jack, Sayid, and Sawyer, to be given a single significant Flash-sideways, as part of an episode which resolves the Flash-sideways timeline (whether through merging, crossover, annihilation, or some other method).

    6) Christian Shephard

    The on-Island actions of …

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  • DesmondFaraday

    My hypothesis is that the Man in Black and the Smoke Monster were once separate entities, but merged together at some point prior to the events of the series.

    From Ab Aeterno we know that the Statue of Taweret and presumably the other ancient ruins (including the Temple) predate the arrival of the Black Rock and the first modern Other, Richard Alpert. Given the depiction of the Smoke Monster in the chamber below the Temple, it is fair to assume that the Black Smoke existed since this time. Far from the Temple being a place of refuge from the Smoke Monster, this chamber appears to have acted as its dwelling place, with its function being that of a security system (possibly even protecting the Temple from the Man in Black, though he would n…

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