• Deadsince1973


    May 24, 2010 by Deadsince1973

    hola everyone. I've never posted anything here yet and I think that now would be the best time. I just wanted to say how much LOST has meant to me for the past 6 years. Its been a steady constant presence, fueled many friendships, been there for me at the bad times, and given me some amazing memories. I loved every minute, even the parts that I didnt like. Its been so huge and so wonderfull and I just wanted to say thank you to all of you because I have to say that this obsession intensified quite a lot when I found LOSTPEDIA. You've all given me more to think about and so many methods of procrastinatoin. Ive learned so much from all of you and I really appreciate it. It means a lot to me to know that there are so many other people out the…

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