Great, great, great episode last night. A lot got answered and it had a ton of "NO WAY" moments. Here's my one issue though... at the end when Richard was talking to Isabella and asked Hurley if she was gone, he says "yeah, but she said one more thing... you can't let the MIB off the island or we're all gonna die." My problem with this is 1) Hurley seemed very shady when saying it, like it wasn't her that told him that and 2) how does Isabella know what's going on with the war between Jacob and MIB? I respect the fact that we're to believe she could follow her husband around after she died... but knowing about the war? So did Jacob tell Hurley to say that to Richard? We never see Hurley when he follows Richard, so it's possible, which leads to another question... since Richard has lost faith in Jacob, is Hurley the new Richard, as is to say, Jacob's way of intervening with the people on the island?

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