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February 24, 2010
  • Dazz30

    I'm pretty sure we all just got confirmation that Jack is going to be the one to replace Jacob. The question remains WHY Jacob chose him, but I think the writer's let us know it will be Jack when Jacob's mother said to him (Jacob), "Because it has to be you Jacob." Sayid said the same thing to Jack in ths sub,if not word for word then extremely close. The biggest question that remains for me now is WHY Jacob chose Jack...

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  • Dazz30

    Desmond's Influence

    May 10, 2010 by Dazz30

    This idea was sent to me in an email, so I'm sorry if someone on this site has already posted this....

    Sayid seemed to come around again after his conversation with Desmond, much like Richard did in Ab Aeterno. With Richard, MIB told him to not let Jacob talk to him because he can be very convinving. That being said, doesn't the situation with Desmond and Sayid resemble the one with Richard and Jacob? MIB sent both Richard and Sayid to kill Jacob and Desmond, respectively, and neither did the job because either Jacob or Desmond had talked them out of it.

    If Desmond isn't a candidate but holds a strong reseblence (in this situation at least) to Jacob, maybe it is the candidates' job to protect Jacob's replacement. This thought may be well…

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  • Dazz30

    Was Flocke's plan to get everybody into the sub from the begining? Think about it... had Flocke not found the C4 on the plane, Jack and Sawyer would've never had a chance to talk about keeping him on the island, thus leaving quite a difficult situation for Flocke.

    He's been telling everyone that all he wants to do is go home, to get off the island... so how would he have convinced everyone else into getting on the plance while he himself did not? I can imagine the other characters would have been skeptical about Flocke being OK with them leaving him on the island, since it was he who put such an emphasis of everyone leaving together.

    And do you guys think Whidmore put the C4 on the plane? I think it may have been Richard, Ben, and Miles..…

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  • Dazz30

    I always said I wouldn't be able to handle it if I saw Hurley cry, and it held true... that sucked (in a sad way)

    And WTF... 3 years Jin and Sun search for each other and the writers give them like half an episode??

    And why didn't anything happen to Flocke when he went into the water?

    And Sayid?? "Because it's got to be you"?????

    PS Next week might be the best episode ever

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  • Dazz30

    Significant moment?

    May 3, 2010 by Dazz30

    So I wasn't a member until this season but recently saw the Miles-centric episode from Season 5 and picked something up that I thought was interesting. After Miles meets with Nadia, he is picked up by Bramm and put into a van. When Ilana asks him if he knows what lies in the shadow of the statue and Miles says he doesn't, she tells him he is not ready to go to the island yet. But when Ilana asks Lepidus the same question after the Ajira crash and he says he doesn't know, he gets knocked out with a paddle. My question is why was Miles "not ready to go to the island yet" while Lepidus was knocked out? Is Miles more impoertant than he's been giving credit for so far? Sorry if this was discussed all ready.

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