• DavisJ3608

    LOST Essay

    February 26, 2009 by DavisJ3608

    So, I needed to write an essay for my Writing 121 class, and it had to be an analysis of a speech. I was thinking over some of the speeches I've heard recently, and then I thought to myself "these are all political! Why don't I do something different?". Then I remembered Jack's infamous "Live Together, Die Alone" speech, and this is the result. Oh, and BTW, I got a perfect score on this.

    Essay #4: Live Together, Die Alone

     In the TV show LOST, the character of Jack Shephard makes a speech to his fellow survivors admonishing them to work together in order to survive. This speech presents several very compelling points of evidence that encourage Jack’s audience to believe and trust him, and as can be seen later in the show, is very effect…

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