Bugs So far as I can tell there are only 4 types of bugs on the island - sand fleas, moths, the vicious Medusa spiders, and bees. I spent 15 minutes in my backyard last night and was stung by 3 wasps, a dozen mosquitoes, several wood ticks, 16 brown recluses, 5 dragonflies, 2 rabid ladybugs, and at least 3 of those fleas that carry the bubonic plague - and I live in Denver where there are hardly any bugs at all. While I am the first to admit that the island is pretty amazing in that it can cure paralysis and sustain polar bear life I think I am more amazed by the fact that it appears to be made entirely of citronella.

Hair How is it that Jack can keep a perfect buzz-cut for months at a time without any kind of barbering technology while I can't go eleven days without a hair cut before looking like Ted Nugent circa about 1974? Also, why is it that he can maintain a modicum of beard stubble while on the island but the moment he leaves it appears that someone glued a baby wolverine to his face?

Swimwear Ever notice how any time someone is walking near the tree line and the most aggressive riptide known to man sweeps them into the ocean one of the guys quickly whips off their shirt and socks and then dives into the ocean to save them with their pants on? Have you ever been thrown into a pool with a pair of jeans on? It's like wearing Levi's branded anchors - yet these people are able to cower the riptide from hell and swim several thousand yards in order to rescue their friend and then swim back through that same riptide to safety. It's really pretty amazing. I think the men on the show should take a pointer from Kate who appears to be contractually obligated to strip down to next to nothing anytime she comes within viewing distance of any body of water larger than a canteen (not that I am complaining).

And, before you snottily remind me about that scene where Sawyer emerges from the ocean buck naked to startle Kate - that's a totally different deal. He wasn't really "swimming" - he was just lurking and waiting for Kate to walk by so that he could be all "Sawyer-y". Totally different deal.

The Breath of the Gods Upon rescue, I am shocked that the Secret Service did not force Jack into their employment just to have him available 24/7 in case the president ever needed CPR. He's infallible when it comes to breathing life into people. Sure, he may have to whale upon your rib cage for about an hour but he's batting 1.000 when it comes to resuscitating people that are, by all rights, supposed to be dead.

It's Kind of OK to be a Child Abuser Remember that scene where Jin went all Lawrence Taylor on Michael's ass while he was strolling along the beach and speared him from behind into the deadliest riptide known to man? It was kind of lost during Sun's mimicry of the painting "The Scream", but old Jin donkey punched 10 year old Walt when he went to try to save his Dad from being used as an unwilling clam shovel and thrust him into that same hideous riptide. No one cared. In a perfect world, old Sayid should have given Walt three free shots at Jin after he handcuffed and immobilized him. But I guess it's not a perfect world.

Also, why wasn't there any kind of outrage when Michael abandoned his kid in the caves so that he could go golfing?

Helmets By the end of season 5, by my estimation, everyone on the island had suffered at least 7 concussions. Why these people weren't walking around like Amy Winehouse at about 4am all the time is a complete mystery to me. The only character that this might not apply to is Vincent. It is, however, hard to be sure. The only time that the camera was actually ON Vincent is when he was doing something stupid in order to advance a plot line. That only constitutes about .006% of the first 5 seasons. It's entirely possible that below the camera Vincent was being constantly bullied by little smoke monsters wielding blunt instruments.

Less Important Thoughts Did Hurley ever pay Walt the 20k he lost to him playing backgammon? Why didn't Hurley ever ask Sayid to hook him up with a battery source for his Walkman? Did it ever occur to either Scott or Steve that one of them should just start going by the name "Thurston" for clarity? Why didn't we see Sawyer go all "Charlie" when he ran out of smokes? Why is it that the only scar suffered during the plane wreck that didn't heal was the kinda cool one that John Locke had on his temple/cheek?

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