1. I think Juliette was doomed as she was wearing red shirts for about the last month. I also think she was pregnant seeing as how she constantly put a hand over her stomach during the finale. I have no idea what this means.

2. Jacob/Man in Black - I'm going against the grain here. I actually think Jacob is the evil one and the MIB is good. I also think there is some connection between MIB and Walt (Walt never got touched).

3. Locke has to be the MIB incorporeal. Has to be. But I don't have the first real reason why.

4. Do things start on the island or LAX? I think it has to be the island.

5. Desmond is the key to everything. I am guessing that there was a lot of mind erasing in his past.

6. Ben is a simple opportunist and nothing more.

7. Pretty sure that whatever we learn about Richard Alpert is well beyond my ability to predict.

8. Claire has to be the being that explains things. She's just that ambiguous.

9. At some point, Jack has to die.

10. The numbers will never be explained.

11. Sayid will prove himself to truly be the bad man of the series - but he will survive and prosper.

12. Ben will just trod along.

13. Vincent will somehow prove to be important.

14. Miles's talent is too threatening for the island - he will die.

15. My every prediction will be proven wrong. This is, after all, 'Lost'.

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