• Davidkirchhoff

    1. I think Juliette was doomed as she was wearing red shirts for about the last month. I also think she was pregnant seeing as how she constantly put a hand over her stomach during the finale. I have no idea what this means.

    2. Jacob/Man in Black - I'm going against the grain here. I actually think Jacob is the evil one and the MIB is good. I also think there is some connection between MIB and Walt (Walt never got touched).

    3. Locke has to be the MIB incorporeal. Has to be. But I don't have the first real reason why.

    4. Do things start on the island or LAX? I think it has to be the island.

    5. Desmond is the key to everything. I am guessing that there was a lot of mind erasing in his past.

    6. Ben is a simple opportunist and nothing…

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  • Davidkirchhoff

    Bugs So far as I can tell there are only 4 types of bugs on the island - sand fleas, moths, the vicious Medusa spiders, and bees. I spent 15 minutes in my backyard last night and was stung by 3 wasps, a dozen mosquitoes, several wood ticks, 16 brown recluses, 5 dragonflies, 2 rabid ladybugs, and at least 3 of those fleas that carry the bubonic plague - and I live in Denver where there are hardly any bugs at all. While I am the first to admit that the island is pretty amazing in that it can cure paralysis and sustain polar bear life I think I am more amazed by the fact that it appears to be made entirely of citronella.

    Hair How is it that Jack can keep a perfect buzz-cut for months at a time without any kind of barbering technology while I ca…

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