Here is what we know so far:

- Pierre Chang was part of the Dharma Initiative in 1977

- He survived what we came to know as the incident . The proof supporting this is that he recorded the Orientation film for the Swan which wasn't built at that time. You could argue that he recorded it prior to the incident, but it wouldn't make sense since he couldn't have known that the button had to be pushed to contain the electromagnetic energy right?

- No sign of him during the purge in the episode The man behind the curtain and no body in the ditch either.

So unless I missed anything (please let me know if I did) that gives us 3 options:

- Pierre Chang was killed during the purge

- Pierre Chang was killed or died prior or at some point after the purge for unknown reasons

- Pierre Chang is still alive in 2006. He may even be somewhere on the island, hiding from the others and the monster... Being one of the last survivors of the Dharma Initiative. Maybe he joined the others?

What's your opinion on Chang's fate??

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