I just need to share my understanding of this whole thing and maybe you guys can give some input.

I'll try to keep it simple


- As long as there are candidates still alive, MIB can't leave the island (why? No idea! Maybe this will be explained) - Jacob finds candidates from time to time and brings them to the island

So, my understanding is that by finding the loophole to kill Jacob (influence someone else to do it for him), MIB stops the nomination of new candidates.

So as soon as he is able to kill all the remaining ones, he will finally be free

This is the reason he manipulated everyone to make sure ALL the candidates came back to the island. If only a part of them came back and some were still in the real world, MIB would still not be free since they wouldn't be dead.

What do you think? Anything to add?

Hey quick question to you guys by the way...

Why was Ben so motivated to bring the Oceaninc 6 back to the island? What was in it for him?

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