• Davey Vicious

    Jacob will then rise from the dead... as a second smoke monster. In the season finale, I think we will get a smoke monster fight.

    Wouldn't that be awesome?


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  • Davey Vicious


    I just need to share my understanding of this whole thing and maybe you guys can give some input.

    I'll try to keep it simple


    - As long as there are candidates still alive, MIB can't leave the island (why? No idea! Maybe this will be explained) - Jacob finds candidates from time to time and brings them to the island

    So, my understanding is that by finding the loophole to kill Jacob (influence someone else to do it for him), MIB stops the nomination of new candidates.

    So as soon as he is able to kill all the remaining ones, he will finally be free

    This is the reason he manipulated everyone to make sure ALL the candidates came back to the island. If only a part of them came back and some were still in the real world, MIB would still not b…

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  • Davey Vicious

    Hey guys,

    I wonder if this was ever mentioned in the show or on this site but I don't seem to recall ever hearing about it.

    The others seem so have a lot of financial ressources:

    - When he was looking for the Oceanic 6, Benjamin Linus seemed to have the means to travel (plane, rental car, fake identities, etc...)

    - When he came for Michael, Tom was able to not only travel around, but also rent an expensive hotel room

    - While recruiting Juliet, Richard and Ethan didn't seem out of money either (expensive suits, traveling, etc...)

    So my question is: What is this infinite source of revenue the Others seem to have? Would it be a mysterious benefactor?

    Of course, it doesn't really matter to the main plot of the show but we can talk about it just for …

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  • Davey Vicious

    So... With the finale approaching, some of the mysteries we've been hooked on since the very beginning are starting to be explained.

    What are your top five questions you think will be answered when Lost is over?

    Here's mine:

    1 - Adamn and Eve

    2 - The origins of Jacob and MIB, why he can turn into a smoke monster

    3- The fate of the island (Is a candidate going to replace Jacob and/or MIB, or the MIB leaves the island... If someone replaces Jacob, who will it be?)

    4- How the flash sideways will merge into the OT

    5- The fate of Bernard, Rose, Vincent, Walt

    What the hell, let me add another one (It's my blog, right?)

    6 - Who was shooting at the losties in the rafts during the time flashes, and who did Juliet hit?

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  • Davey Vicious

    Hey Guys,

    Something I was thinking about.

    What if John Locke's spirit, soul, consciousness or whatever you wanna call it is still iside the body currently occupied by MIB?

    We might have seen a clue about that with the don't tell me what I can't do line MIB said when he apparently lost his composure a few episodes ago.

    He's also aware of Locke's thoughts at the time of his death...

    Do you think there's a possibility that MIB might me driven out of his current body at some point in the season, and that our good old John Locke could make a return safe and sound in a brand new body?

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