I'm convinces that the flash sideways that we are watching are their to show us how the characters end up once they go back to their timeline. So with that in mind it leads to the Jacob replacement theory.
We learn about Jack,Locke,Kate,Sun/Jin,and Sayid new life in the sideways.

Jacob replacment I'm assuming would work like Jacob,pushing people in certain direction but does'nt have a life of his own.
So for example Jack can't be Jacob replacement.Cause he's not on the island and that he actually has a life in the flash side ways.

So all thats left is Sawyer and Hurley. And I bet its Hurley.

  • Of all the people,whos the least you expect to be Jacob replacement?.Lost is always trying to surprise people.
  • As of right now,he's the only one that can talk to Jacob.
  • He's leaning from Jacob how to push people in the right direction.Like how Jacob brought Jake to the Lighthouse and explain to Hurley his plan to get Jake in the right direction.
  • Hurley doesn't have a life.Whos waiting for Hurley off the island? his parents thats it.The guy will never have family of his own,hell he wont even have a girlfriend.
  • In the sideways,we don't really see Hurley life,just bits of it,like Jacob.
  • WIthout Hurley in the sideways,He wouldn't have "bump" into Locke who then push Locke to Rose in his company who push Locke in the right direction.

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