• Dashcs

    Desmond ep (no spoiler)

    April 7, 2010 by Dashcs

    Just finishing watching tonights eps (7pm est in canada)

    Finally we get some hints and some answer on whats the deal with the flash sideways.

    Since the season has started.I hated all flash sideways,since they were boring and showed nothing important for the story. Every time it flashes to the sideway,I would just sigh and wait for it to flash back to the island but this episode changed that for me.

    Finally we know the purpose of the flash sideways,more or less but at least it has a direction now and its about time

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  • Dashcs

    Titus Welliver is awesome as MiB.

    He presents such a cool unsettling aura,the way he looks and the way he talks,just amazing. I was thinking after last night ep,that what if after Jacob died,instead of having Floke,we had MiB turning back into Titus Welliver. Then we would had Titus Walliver talking to the lostiest,temple attack,ben interactions and so forth,if they would had been better episodes or not without Terry Quinn as MiB

    Terry O'Quinn is good in his old right but I keep thinking of his Locke character,maybe I still had gotten used that Locked is really dead :(

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  • Dashcs

    I'm convinces that the flash sideways that we are watching are their to show us how the characters end up once they go back to their timeline. So with that in mind it leads to the Jacob replacement theory.
    We learn about Jack,Locke,Kate,Sun/Jin,and Sayid new life in the sideways.

    Jacob replacment I'm assuming would work like Jacob,pushing people in certain direction but does'nt have a life of his own.
    So for example Jack can't be Jacob replacement.Cause he's not on the island and that he actually has a life in the flash side ways.

    So all thats left is Sawyer and Hurley. And I bet its Hurley.

    • Of all the people,whos the least you expect to be Jacob replacement?.Lost is always trying to surprise people.
    • As of right now,he's the only one that can ta…

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  • Dashcs

    Maybe they already explain it somehow but I'm unable to figure out which timeline were suppose to be at.

    There is 2 timelines,one where the the lostiest on the island the other where they never touch the island which related to the bomb incident.

    Bomb exploded=plane crashed or the plane didn't crashed. No bomb exploded=plane crashed or the plane didn't crashed.

    The 2 possible outcomes follows a flaw theory by Daniel. He stated whatever happen happens then in the end states he can change the future.So which one is correct.

    -One could say the bomb created a new time line where there was no need for the hatch which results the the plane not crashing on the island.And the current lostiest are stuck in the incorrect timeline and need to somehow sy…

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