On this site - there are really quite a few crappy theories.

The entire main plot line is really quite apparent. The four toed statue is of Isis, the wife of Osiris and the mother of Horus(the Egyptian Jesus). When Horus was a baby his mother took him to a magical hidden island to protect him from his uncle Seth, who had murdered his father.

The island is protected by Anubis, the Egyptian god of judgment and the underworld(his hieroglyph was on the wall, calling the monster, when Ben was judged).

Horus was crippled as a boy then miraculously healed, died and rose again after 3 days, and had a line/scar under his right eye(image search the eye of Horus and you will see)

Last week when Jack was cleaning the class room there was a time line of ancient Egypt. Long story short, John is Horus reincarnated and that is why he knew where the temple was, and is here to save everyone. I think Richard might be an ancient Egyptian left to protect the island, the reason is quite simple - his initials make the name RA, who was the Egyptian sun God, and always appeared to have the head of a bird - or rather, was wearing a mask.

To conclude, I believe that this egyptian thing answers a lot, the ancient appearances of ruins on the island is all the proof I need that this is - the - ultimate - theory !

By an English Person...

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