Since we discovered that the people who died on the island can come back to life, (meaning that they have been claimed or infected by something or someone we don’t know, example: Sayid, and possibly Claire) I been thinking that maybe Charlie was the first lostie to be "Claimed", since he really died hanging on that tree and it was supposedly Jack who brought him back to life.

For me it was kind of fishy the way he came back to life; you know that usually people been hang breaks their necks or something like that. And I don’t recall Jacob touching Charlie or he been a candidate (that would give him some kind of immortality power or something as a Jacob’s gift or curse).

And I also strongly believe that Ben was claimed too, so maybe that’s why he is so maquiavelic and charmingly evil, in comparison to the other Ben on the other timeline.

So, what do you think about Charlie been claimed too? I’m just thinking out loud…

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