This is my out-of-my-mind new theory I have been thinking about since season 5. I believe there is another entity or deity or something/someone in the island, apart from Jacob and MIB/Flocke/Smokey. Someone we have seen in disguise since season 1, but just assumed it was MIB/Smokey. This third entity (or entities) can take the body of a dead person, like body snatchers or something; but only a body (dead body). At this point everyone would yell at me saying that is what MIB/Smokey does, but not quite. He shape shift his own being into someone elses (who is already dead). We can see that with Locke (his body is laying on the beach while Flocke is inside the Big Foot Statue Place).

This third entity I am talking about needs a dead body in order to posses it (and is associated with the whispers). We see it with the Frenchies when Danielle was killing them one by one when she assumed it was some sort of sickness infecting her friends and lover. But now everyone will tell me that those Frenchies were actually the MIB/Smokey, but no, it cannot be because for MIB/Smokey bullets are nothing. He is like Superman and bullets just bounce (we all saw that in season 6 premier episode). While with these Frenchies, bullets did “killed” them off.

Later we see the big mystery with Christian Sheppard, when his body is never found and anyways we see him walking around the island, talking to people, holding Aaron, and hanging around Jacob’s cabin. Again everyone just assumed it was MIB/Smokey, but then we will have to say MIB/Smokey can be in 2 places at the same time because of one episode in season 5, “Namaste”. In this episode Sun and Frank heard the whispers and then encountered Christian in one of the houses of the Barracks, and he talks to them showing one of the pictures with the losties. At the same time Ben is walking with Flocke towards the Barracks, to find Sun and Frank kind of freak out. It wasn’t MIB/Smokey inside that house, and I don’t believe it was Jacob because we are suppose to believe Jacob is the good guy, and that he will always present himself as himself, not in disguise because that is part of been good (The good is always honest, and doesn’t believe in disguising itself because then it will be a lie, and that is part of evil.)

Then, the big question about Sayid. He died and now he resurrected. That is not possible because Dead is Dead. But then, this will be my big argument supporting my theory. I truly believe that Sayid is now been possessed by this third entity, that just needed a dead body and now took Sayid’s. And that is also why I believe MIB/Flocke/Smokey burned Jacob’s body, so this third entity (or entities) would not take Jacob’s.

I know it is kind of demented but it is a big possibility. The whispers, for me, are this third entity I am talking about. They are omnipresent in the island, looking at everything that is going on but doing nothing about it, or just waiting for the perfect dead body to take over. Anyways, is just a crazy theory, but not impossible in this LOST universe (or multiverse).

Sickness + Whispers = Third Entity (entities). What do you think about that??

Sorry for the big post!!! :(

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