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September 3, 2009
  • Darkanubis

    Since we discovered that the people who died on the island can come back to life, (meaning that they have been claimed or infected by something or someone we don’t know, example: Sayid, and possibly Claire) I been thinking that maybe Charlie was the first lostie to be "Claimed", since he really died hanging on that tree and it was supposedly Jack who brought him back to life.

    For me it was kind of fishy the way he came back to life; you know that usually people been hang breaks their necks or something like that. And I don’t recall Jacob touching Charlie or he been a candidate (that would give him some kind of immortality power or something as a Jacob’s gift or curse).

    And I also strongly believe that Ben was claimed too, so maybe that’s why…

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  • Darkanubis

    This is my out-of-my-mind new theory I have been thinking about since season 5. I believe there is another entity or deity or something/someone in the island, apart from Jacob and MIB/Flocke/Smokey. Someone we have seen in disguise since season 1, but just assumed it was MIB/Smokey. This third entity (or entities) can take the body of a dead person, like body snatchers or something; but only a body (dead body). At this point everyone would yell at me saying that is what MIB/Smokey does, but not quite. He shape shift his own being into someone elses (who is already dead). We can see that with Locke (his body is laying on the beach while Flocke is inside the Big Foot Statue Place).

    This third entity I am talking about needs a dead body …

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  • Darkanubis

    So, if Richard said he is the way he is (ageless) thanks to Jacob: what's gonna happen to him now that Jacob is dead? Is he going to get old really fast now or is going to turn into ashes right in front of everybody, or he is going to stay the same but starts to age from now on? I think that would be a clue in the next season to tell us if Jacob is really dead. Because in every sci-fi/fantasy movie if the source of the magic or power dies then everything made by it disappears too, right? What do you think about that?

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  • Darkanubis

    Found the Loop!!

    September 5, 2009 by Darkanubis

    While watching season 5 episode "Follow the Leader" I finally realized what the loop in the story is. When they go to the scene in 2007, following the events of the episode "Dead is Dead", when Locke (the nemesis) meets with Richard at the Others' camp and tells him that he now has a purpose. Locke, Richard, and Ben travel to the location that the time-jumping Locke will appear, so that Richard can remove the bullet from his leg and tell him what needs to be done.

    There is the LOOP!!, when Richard gives time-jumping Locke the COMPASS so he can give it back to the Richard of 1954; and then Richard 2007 will give it back to that same Locke after the Not-Locke ask him to do so. That will happen over and over (LOOP) and the questions are: is th…

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  • Darkanubis

    Jacob: "They're coming"

    September 3, 2009 by Darkanubis

    Ok, this is what I think. The bomb is necessary for the time travel thing, as we remember in “Back to the future” the key to time travel was to have a source of radiation (like the plutonium or in “Lost” case a hydrogen bomb) for the nuclear reaction to generate the power require mixed it with electromagnetism or something (that later on conceive the idea of the flux capacitor). Anyways, the thing is that we have the recipe for time-traveling now. That’s the evidence to assume that our Losties are going to travel in time once again.

    But I believe the only ones that are going to travel are the ones Jacob touched. We never saw Jacob touching Juliet or Miles (unless they show it in this season). So, it was bound to happened, they were in 77’ b…

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