A few random thoughts:

- No one seems to be saying anything about the little bag Hurley picked up white rooting through the camp after Ilana went kablooey. He looked inside, then tucked it in his pocket. Wasn't that the bag that they found on Adam and Eve? The bag that contained the black and white stones?

- Way back when Rousseau told the Losties about her daughter being taken, she mentioned seeing a pillar of black smoke that night. Yet when we actually SEE Alex being stolen, there is no pillar of black smoke anywhere to be seen. Seems like it would have been an easy solve to just have her chase after Ben and Ethan, then suddenly have the trees start swaying and shaking, hear the familiar sound of Smokey, and then see the smoke monster shoot up out of the jungle in a pillar. Maybe it disappears, maybe it throws Rousseau aside and chases after Ben only to be somehow summoned away the way Ben summoned the monster from his house in the barracks. Anyway, it doesn't have to be this complex... but point is, Smokey should have been the pillar of black smoke she saw that night. And that night should have been the origin of her belief that it was a "security system". If she HAD been attacked, it would also have helped explain why she was terrified enough to stay in hiding and not wander around much for sixteen years.

- In "Everybody Loves Hugo" Libby says that when she checked into the mental hospital she remembered having been there before. But that's as far as she goes. She SHOULD have added something like "I remembered having a husband, watching him die. I remembered losing it, and checking myself in here." And just like that, they'd have answered the question of why she was in the institution in the original timeline.

- Michael tells Hurley that if he ever sees Libby to say Michael is very sorry??? What about WALT???

- The explanation of what the whispers are was handled sloppily. But more than that, it doesn't jive with what we've seen and come to know about the whispers. Perhaps if Michael had elaborated, maybe explained that the souls of the dead often try to set things right by warning the living of impending danger. That alone would help explain a few things.

- It seems odd to me that we're in season 6 and I still don't REALLY know who the Others are, or why they sometimes live in the barracks, sometimes live in tents. Why they sometimes dress in rags, sometimes wear Banana Republic. Or why Cindy and the kids were hanging out on Hydra Island when Jack was taken prisoner.

- When we were in the 1970s, we should have SEEN the DHARMA Initiative bringing polar bears to Hydra Island, maybe taking caged or drugged bears off a boat and putting them in the cages. Even just seeing polar bears in those cages with the fish cookies would have been satisfying, and helped clarify things for the casual viewer. It would have been helpful to hear Pierre Chang or someone say to Hurley "We're experimenting with adapting the bears to the tropical climate."

- Along these lines, when Hurley was in DHARMA, he shouldn't have been a cook. He should have bee working with the DHARMA animals on Hydra Island. Specifically with a certain huge bird. Maybe in one scene Miles walks into the DHARMA aviary and sees Hurley feeding the bird a treat. Hurley says "Miles! Look what I taught him to say!" He holds out a treat and asks "What's my name?" The huge bird answers "Hurley!" Then later, when the DHARMA folks are escaping the island before the Incident, maybe the animals get free. The polar bears escape into the jungle, and the Hurley Bird escapes from the aviary. We won't see him again until 2004, when he will swoop down over our heroes and screech out the only word he knows: "HURLEY!"

- Seeing that the numbers correspond with the names of specific survivors does not resolve the issue of the numbers. Neither, for that matter, does the whole Valenzetti Equation thing. An answer as to their significance or the reason for their continual recurrence would NOT be the same as demystifying the Force by introducing the idea of Midichlorians, regardless of what Damon and Carlton may say. Leaving the numbers unexplained is a huge miscalculation on their part.

- Not sure yet the point of having people split up, then regroup, only to split up, walk from point A to B, then regroup again. Repeat, etc. This seems like a strange way to be spending the majority of the final season.

Sigh. I love the show, and it still stands head and shoulders over 99% of what's on TV. But some of the missed opportunities and strange choices Darlton and the writers make leave me puzzled and, honestly, a bit disappointed.

Sorry for the long post. Just felt the need to vent.

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