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March 27, 2009
  • Dannyboylee

    Hear me out.

    in "LA X" they start the episode off by showing us the Jughead explosion twice. The first time we see it, Juliet hits the bomb, we flash to white, and then we're in the plane with Jack in the flash sideways world. The plane doesn't crash, the island is underwater. This, it turns out, is a sort of purgatory world.

    We then see Juliet hit Jughead again, we flash to white, and the characters have flashed ahead to 2007. Jack saves the island, the Ajira plane escapes, Jack dies... and goes to purgatory? Probably, since I think I subscribe to the idea that the plane Jack sees fly overhead as he's dying is not Ajira but Oceanic, and since we hear the flash sideways transition sound effect as it flies over, I take it to be his transition…

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  • Dannyboylee

    So Jack saw his father in the lobby of the hospital. And apparently that was MIB, yes? In fact, didn't the smoke alarm go off? That's pretty cool.

    But HOW did MIB get off the island??? Here's a thought... wasn't he in the Donkey Wheel chamber when Locke turned the wheel? Soooo... couldn't he have been beamed away too?

    What's that you say? That doesn't make any sense? How could Smokey be off the island and on the island at the same time? Beats me. What do I look like, a nerd?

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  • Dannyboylee

    Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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  • Dannyboylee


    May 11, 2010 by Dannyboylee

    So they killed off the pilot, Frank Lapidus, in the same episode where they reveal that Sideways Locke has his pilot's license.

    Do I perhaps sense a merging of the worlds coming? Perhaps Sideways Locke finds redemption for crippling his father by rescuing the Losties? Hmmmm.....

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  • Dannyboylee

    Now, we may not be satisfied with the way the writers are answering some of our questions, or the extraordinarily lazy ways they're resolving some of the major mysteries of the show (I know I'M not) but I gotta say... I think they had this all planned out.

    By "this all" I mean the flash sideways. I mean Smokey taking over Locke. I mean all the major plot points of the narrative. Obviously certain characters like Ben and Eko became wild cards. But I'm betting the flash sideways idea was there from the beginning. And I'll tell you why.

    Desmond's line when he first met Jack in the stadium. Remember? "See you in another life, brother."

    That seems way too specific a piece of dialogue to have just been a cool saying. I think they knew way back then…

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