I know this is one of many such blogs today, but I'm not going to write an essay, but instead just thank everyone for the difference they have made in peoples lives. First of all I'd like to thank JJ Abrams for the show, I know us fans have a go at him for leaving the show after just one season, but come on, honestly, without him there would be no LOST, so he deserves a thank you off all of us. Secondly I'd like to thank the writers, directors and producers for their commitment to the show, they have given us hell of a ride over the past six years and have managed to make an amazing show. I'd also like to thank the actors who have played our most loved and most hated characters on the show, despite what you think of the character, the actors have made a lot of effort and deserve our gratitude. The rest of the staff who have worked on the show and it's projects are the people behind the curtain, they do the work that we dont see, and for that thank you.

Now for you, the fans, I've seen some of the most weird and gob smacking theories over the years, I've had some laughs and some tears, but no matter what you've all brought a smile to my face. Although I've never met 99% of you, I think of you as my friends, I've had conversations and said "you should of seen Station7's theory today" or "DaemonRising made a valid point earlier", and I've mentioned a lot more of you. What I'm trying to say is no matter what you have done on this website, I will miss you all, and remember your posts for years to come. I guess thats all I have to say. May Jacob bless you all.


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