I just realised that the whole of LOST is in fact based on a song by the popular English Ska group "Madness", entitled "Wings Of A Dove".

  • For one the video to the song (link included above) is set on a plane. This is obviously a direct reference to Oceanic 815.
  • Also Doves have been seen throughout the show in both CGI and on camera.
  • At the start of the video we see the guys on the runway playing paddle ball, as we know there was a ping-pong table in the Hatch, and the two games are very similar.
  • We never actually see the plane land in the video, just like Oceanic 815 never landed.
  • There is a van dropped out of the plane, and the castaways found a DHARMA van in the jungle.
  • There are 7 members of Madness, and not surprisingly the Blast Door Map says there are 7 Stations on the Island.
  • There's a line in the song that goes "Cheer to the echo. Can you hear the sound", Echo is a misspelling and refers to Mr.Eko and the word sound is obviously referring to the Smoke Monster, this is about the scene where Smokey kills Eko.
  • Madness have another song called "In the middle of the night" about a guy who goes round in the middle of the night stealing underwear. This is Ethan, the guy who give Claire the injection in Season 1, but the part we didn't here because Claire was too embarressed to say how he also stole her knickers.

I hope that now that you've seen the evidence you can agree that this was the plan of the writers all along.

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