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February 7, 2010
  • Daniel990

    Whenever I scroll down in the LP pages, it just goes to the top of the page again.

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  • Daniel990

    Yesterday I was in Lostpedia, but something happened to Monaco (as I pointed out in my previous blog) (It says there that I posted it today; may be something about time zones, though), so I switched to the New Look using the preferences link. When I went to LP today, I was still using the New Look, but the new look didn't appear. Even though I was in the New Look, the skin was all like Monaco's. I didn't care. Then, when I was looking at the blogs, (I was using the Monaco-skinned new look normally by then) every reply turned into a regular comment. I refreshed the page, and the New Look was the New Look again. I, then, switched back to Monaco. Did this happen to anyone else?

    I've been wondering... Just look at my userpage. I just tested it …

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  • Daniel990

    I'm using Monaco, and now, when I entered the Wiki, it is all crazy! I think that changing to the new look will stop this, but the "More" button doesn't work and I can't get to "Preferences"!

    UPDATE: I decided typing "preferences" into the URL and it appeared as a suggestion. I'm using the new look now.

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  • Daniel990

    Random Pages...

    October 12, 2010 by Daniel990

    I'm SO bored right now and I thought of doing something... There's the "Random Page" button there, and I think it would be cool if people pressed it and posted what page appeared.

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  • Daniel990


    October 7, 2010 by Daniel990

    I was not entering for a while, and now, Lostpedia is all crazy, and I can't find the link to the My Home page. Where is it?

    update: no problem anymore. I noticed the "Wiki Activity" link.

    update 2: now where is the "Preferences" button?

    update 3: man, just noticed that the updating system is terrible for the wiki activity page! It just takes a lot of time to load!

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